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AR Painter | Edutech | Augmented Reality | children

AR Painter

AR Painter: Bring back kids to books using technology


Painting / Coloring

3D & Augmented Reality


Interactive Creator | Edutech | Montessori | K12 | Professional Training

Interactive Creator

Interactive Creator: Create games/interactive experiences in 1/3 rd of the time and cost

2D Edutech Games / Gamified learning content

Augmented Reality and 3D Web experiences

360 photo navigation experiences

Low code / [No code]

Metaverse | RealEstate | VR | Mobile

Metaverse : Real Estate

Metaverse Real Estate : A new way of selling Real Estate created in Metaverse


A 3D metaverse with real time communication has been created to facilitate buyer and seller comunnication from various type of devices.

Creating the Experience

A real 3D environment with detailed movement or 360 photos with hotspot navigation. Details of every interest in the 3D scene.

Virtual Reality

Interactive VR Physics experiments

Pilikula VR : We helped develop Interactive VR physics experiments that won "Most Innovative" award for Department of Science and Technology, India for Govt. of Karnataka.

Award Winning

National Science Congress 2020: Happy to announce that the stall was judged by the jury as the Most Innovative Stall in the Expo -- H Honne Gowda, Managing Director, Karnataka Science and Technology Promotion Society

Creating the Experience

Large campus and different zones. We had to focus on what creates the most impact while balancing what is feasible in the virtual world.

Unity 3D Game

Super Bicycle Racing : 11+ million downloads

Super Bicycle Racing Game : Developed and published by Someshwara

11+ million downloads

Best bicycle racing game ever

with 3 World with 6 Tracks -- 4 Characters to choose -- Realistic Cycle Physics -- Stunning 3D graphics -- Addictive Gameplay.

Machine learned opponents (Reinforcement machine learning)

Unity 3D Simulation

3D product simulation in browser

Unity3D, 3D modeling, WebGL rendering in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge

Product showcase

Company’s Sales team was finding it difficult to showcase their complex undersea products and make prospects fully understand the product features, as these products integrated into the customer’s Production ecosystem

Full fledged realistic 3d simulation in WebGL

Support for WebGL 1.0 and WebGL 2.0


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