Metaverse - Real Estate Selling

Using our collaboration server, A new way of selling Real Estate created in Metaverse


For example, finding a flat of your like needs a lot of effort and has many challenges.
* Lots of travel needed
* Time-consuming
* Realistically cannot visit lots of places
* Might not have spent enough time when you are in the place
* Revisiting, again and again, may not be possible
* Cannot visit from different city or country
* Cannot take all family members to the place at once


A Metaverse (not futuristic one, but replicate of the existing environment) with real-time communication and avatars
* 3D Virtual environment or 360 environments with hotspots navigation
* All members can join with invitation
* Avatars for each
* Rotation and direction of avatar in 3D space against real rotation of user
* Position of avatar in 3D space with hotspot navigation
* Conference Audio call in real-time between all members
* Remote to point and ask for more information about any interest

Platform Support

* iOS
* Android
* Windows 10 & 11
* Mac OS X
* Mobile Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox
* Desktop Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox

About Someshwara's Collaboration Server

Our Collaboration server is open to integration in any of the client’s solutions to enable metaverse.

  • Metaverse Accelerator:Someshwara's Realtime Collaboration Server for Metaverse
  • Technologies:Someshwara's Realtime Collaboration server, Unity 3D, Maya, Photoshop
  • Product of:Someshwara Software Pvt Ltd
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