Intelligent CCTV Platorm

AI based CCTV. Custom Hardware


Envisioning a future where all cameras are enabling us to be better. Someshwara built a smart CCTV solution to cater to the needs of AIoT edge inference using vision.


We built a custom AIoT solution with seamless HW/SW integration to deliver value to surveillance systems. We have got a custom hardware with rugged casing which operates at -60 to 60C in autonomous conditions and is completely deployable at the edge.
Traffic Surveillance for SmartCities
Heat Map for Retail Behavioural Understanding
Parking assist for Enterprise Management
Object Tracking for Warehouses for pilferage prevention (Shoes, Gears)


One of the goals of the architecture was to use off the shelf components and not have too many custom parts in order to minimize the cost of the solution.
Custom Hardware Board Fabricated and Imported (Based on NVIDIA JETSON)
Customization like memory, usb ports etc takes 3 months.
Off the shelf CCTV to drive insights
OTA of complete OS (Custom Embedded OS patches itself)


We deploy and get results within weeks. Reach out to us to discuss a possible partnership.