3D Simulation Solution For Engineering Manufacturer

Client's Sales team was finding it difficult to showcase their complex products and make prospects fully understand the product features, as these products integrated into the customer’s Production infrastructure/ecosystem.The presentation was even more complex as these products were part of undersea infrastructure.


One of the main goals was to enable the project to run in the browser. With significant number of models and sea effects, this was a difficult task. We wanted to enable the end user to explore an immserive offshore location, where each product like oil regs, FPSOs and windfarms are displayed.

Solution Proposed

Sales and Marketing teams struggle to make customers understand the company's products, where it fits into customers' products/solutions, advantages to customer business, add-on reliability and profitability for customers.

As this was the first time the customer was outsourcing a project to create a 3D Virtual experience under the Ocean world, we proposed a short Proof-of-concept (1 Week) and provided a glimpse of our capabilities to do such 3D simulation, Augment Reality/Virtual Reality project that looked close to the realistic world which runs on browser directly. As a result of successful completion of the POC the entire project was awarded to Someshwara.

The Project requirements were shared with us as documents that explained their Business requirements along with 3D Engineering Models from their Design systems. We proposed and implemented a 3D environment with complete virtual offshore setup, where all products were visualised as in real subsea.

This needed re-creation of the 3D Models in Maya LT and rendered in Unity, that is very interactive and has textured real world look and feel. As they have a wide range of products that are used subsea, typically out of sight installations, it is desirable and the only way to demonstrate is to show in 3D virtual world. This should be a browser based solution without installing any application at any time.

Challenges Faced

* 3D Virtual world with all
* No Application installation required
* Browser environment (should work in WebGL 1.0 and WebGL 2.0)
* Huge complex 3D environment to load at runtime in browser
* Realistic subsea and above sea 3D environments
* Night and day effects
* Ocean water and subsea effects
* Quick loading
* Optimized 3D models
* Textured models to look realistic


Making a first impression is crucial at closing a sale. The Wow factor of the 3D environment and showcase of products in installation made customers get involved much deeper in the conversation. Making the customers understand the complex products and solutions much more easily. This helped sales representatives to show how their products fit into the customer's infrastructure setup.

It has now become a primary tool for sales representatives to open every time they meet customers and detail the advantages of the product.

Next steps

After the successful completion of the project, we are now in discussion to create a Virtual 3D Walk-through Exhibition with a Product Launch area that will have their 3D product installed. Both prospects and the Sales team can interact over a Video call along with the Realistic 3D model.

This is being built on top of Someshwara’s 3D VR Exhibition platform solution offered on SaaS Model.

  • Technologies:Unity 3D, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Maya, Photoshop
  • Video Demo: