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VExhibit - 3D Exhibition & Conference platform

Virtual exhibition, video broadcast, video/text chat, AR product showcase


As the world moves towards Digital, Enterprises have started providing a “Digital Twin” to their real world marketing tools like Exhibitions and Events. Pandemic has set new norms for personal distancing for Enterprises and they are adopting new age technologies to give close to Real world experiences to their Customers. 

Kerala State Coir Corporation (KSCC) that conducts CoirFest every year chose to conduct its Annual event on VExhibit platform.

Problem Statement

KSCC wanted to give 3D Virtual experience to its Exhibitors and its customers. The Virtual event should be accessible to all Web users without any device limitations, Mobile, laptops or Desktops. All the events and exhibition related experiences should be seamlessly provided to all the participants, be it Exhibitors, Buyers or just interested participants.

Solution Approach

Someshwara offered its 3D Virtual Exhibition cum Conference platform to KSCC to conducts Coirfest 2021. The platform is a fully web based solution that can be accessed by both Android as well as iPhone users. The Solution is built using Unity and Maya, rendered on the Web and highly optimized to provide a smooth, jerk free experience to the end users logging in from mobile networks from any part of the world. 

A fully customized VExhibit solution for Coirfest was hosted on AWS that provides a Secure and Scalable virtual environment. The solution was tested for 10000+ concurrent users without any performance degradation. 


The event was inaugurated by CM of Kerala and was live Casted in VExhibit Auditorium that was watched by thousands of users from across the globe. The 3D expo Stalls, built on Self-service model, were configured by the Exhibitors themselves that saved a lot of time and effort for the organizers. The event that went on initially for 5 days was extended by 3 more weeks based on the demand both from the Exhibitors and Buyers. All the stalls have Video call facilities for the Exhibitors and Buyers to talk to each other to transact business. At the end of the event, complete Analytics including visitor tracking. 

Enjoy the Video below, providing a glimpse of the KSCC solution.