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Traceability Solution for the Food Industry

Warehouse management, QR Code based tracking, Procurement, Sales, Production



This Someshwara’s customer is a Canadian based Food industry consulting company. The company has consulted for several of the medium and small Food manufacturers and suppliers based in Canada. 


Problem statement 

The Customer was interested in implementing a solution that was comprehensive, user friendly & simple to implement for packaged food manufacturing, supply and distribution companies, a traceability software. Specifically designed for growing small & medium food processing facilities, struggling with a manual system. This solution helps meet the SFCR (Safe Food for Canadian Regulations), FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) requirements and enables sharp material and product tracking for the edible cannabis industry. 

The solution substantially eases achieving the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certifications. 

Solution Proposed 


Someshwara took ownership of complete strategies, right from product development, deployment and maintenance. As requirement was traceability of the materials and products, from procurement to sales, Someshwara analysed and came up with a solution to track each and every movement of materials, into the warehouse, within warehouse⇄production, and going out of the warehouse.  


It's challenging to track physical movement digitally. Someshwara  took the approach of creating QR code labeling of each packaged item, tracking their movement in the entire procurement, warehousing and sale of packaged food processes. Identified auditing tool for canadian food safety government officials to do traceability of each material and product. Someshwara developed the entire end to end ERP system for food processing facilities. This solution was designed to be  implemented in a SaaS based model to make it sellable for multiple facilities in multiple countries. 



Some of the key technologies used 

 * AWS Cloud and services  

        Cognito, API Gateway, Lamba, EC2, SES, SNS etc…  

* Node JS, Angular, PostgreSQL 

* Android 





The Consulting company now has an end to end ERP system, which is being sold to multiple facilities in SaaS model. Superior architecture offers zero administration and high availability solution, it provides a competitive edge in the industry within USA and Canada. 


Someshwara’s Customer was able to get 5 food manufacturing facilities to subscribe and start using the solution  during the first quarter after the release. This was because of the robustness of the solution and its competitive pricing advantage. 


After the review Customer is on the verge of getting funding from Canadian government for the project. 


Next steps: 


Once funded by the Government of Canada, more features that are in the pipeline will be developed and deployed that will make the solution feature rich and user friendly.