Swachchta Hi Seva

Award Winning AR Experience

Created an award winning AR solution to spread awareness for Swachh Bharat Mission.

Problem Statement

Come up with an innovative solution for the Contest, team brainstormed on di"erent ideas and came up with a solution to bring Mahatma live in the AR space. AR was the right choice of the platform to instill presence of our father of our nation.


Big challenge was to draw the line between time and quality. With no time the experience has to be balanced with assets not readily available. 3D assets consume signi!cant time to develop and is more of a craft which needs lot of experience.

With fragmented platforms with varied performances, creating the experience suitable for all devices needs great optimizations on the model, easily overlooked by many.

Creative Solution

Augmented Reality has the ability to create the wow factor needed for spreading awareness. It also has the ability to immerse experiences otherwise not feasible with simple imagery.

Create and instill sense of pride and success, clean india !t india message to everyone.