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Someshwara’s customer is a health and wellness coach for Colored women. Leading a transformative movement that empowers women to holistically heal their bodies from the inside out. Within her online community, leading women into a simple and supportive journey to reclaim their health from excess weight, disease and stress. An instructor in every sense of the word, She teaches women how to think, eat and move healthier, so they can be their own best doctors, and, more importantly create the spiritual, physical and mental energy to go after their God-given purpose. 


Problem Statement 

The customer had began connecting with women who were battling weight gain and other health crisis. As word spread, hundreds of women flocked to the platform. Truly scaling the system meant dealing with tons of tools. From email marketing tools, credit card subscription tool, online video platform to social media accounts like facebook and instagram. Dealing with cancellations, wonky interconnects between systems left the client to manage lot of customer support and manual work than just focusing on transformation.  


Someshwara put together a plan to provide an omnichannel experience gluing together large amount of services and providing the same level of functionality in one integrated platform. With ability to live stream and build a custom social network, goal was to free the client to lead women into the 21st century. 



We were able to build a custom platform which would automate many custom tasks and tailored to the needs of the vision of our client. There is a lot of hand holding and coaching and a realtime video live streaming platform along with a full suite learning management system was implemented to integrate and scale the business. 

Key technological achievements for the client 


  • * Designed a brand new application specifically tailored to the vision of driving health and wellness. 

  • * Realtime live video streaming platform for all followers 

  • * Custom social network inclusion for all subscribers. Like a personal instagram app. 

  • * Habit tracking and sharing 

  • * Process automation to streamline the manual work 

  • * Custom responsive website to consume all content with superior customer engagement and experience. 

  • * Business Dashboard 

  • * Admin portal to manage all content seamlessly 


  • * Python 

  • * iOS, Swift, Xcode 

  • * Live video streaming 

  • * Thinkific Integration 

  • * AWS Cloud Technologies 




More time for our client to shape Client was able to focus on growing the business and strategies for customer acquisition. The mental energy required to bring multiple platforms into one saves lot of energy to streamline the business. Client was able to focus on what mattered to grow fast.