Creating new worlds is a mammoth task. Creating a new engaging world where people want to immerse themselves is even bigger.

We develop AR/VR solutions and games. Here is something we are brewing on and in beta (send email for private access)


users need to have the Oculus Quest or Oculus Rift or HTC Vive device. We chose these devices as they are readily available.

Retail Oculus Quest


Here are some possibilities and prototypes we have dabbled with.

Nurse Training VR

  • A training Module on the procedures to be followed by Nurse on patient arrival in Blood sample collection room.
  • Interactive training
  • User has to perform realistically each and every step with hands as in real world
  • Realistic virtual hospital room and tools in Virtual Reality
  • Performance evaluations based on real operations one by user.

Glory of Nalanda VR

  • Recreation of entire Nalanda’s archeological site as it is today in virtual world
  • Recreation of old glory by building all temples and entire site
  • Story of Nalanda’s glory in VR